The Hula HoneysThe Hula Honeys are known for performing the enchanting music of Hawaii’s territorial days, songs that take you back to Boat Days and Waikiki’s golden era. Blending vintage Hapa Haole songs with hip jazz classics, they create a swinging sweet sound all their own. Winners of the prestigious Na Hoku Hano Hano award 2010 for best Hawaiian Jazz album “Girl Talk.”

The Hula Honeys have played at The Kennedy Millennium Center Stage, various Ukulele Festivals, and regularly perform in their hometown of Maui where they are also DJ Friday afternoons on Manaʻo Radio.

Longtime friends Robyn and Ginger both grew up in the same neighborhood on the East end of Honolulu. Back then Waikiki was like a pearl in an oyster, filled with palm trees, beach boys and song. As a child Robyn accompanied her mother, singer Emma Veary to the great hotels, often listening from the beach as her mother charmed the throngs.

Ginger was across town at the Hawaiian Village where her father had a photography studio. Female musical trios were commonplace back then, dressed in fabulous Muu Muu, always with flowers pinned in their hair. As kids that’s when the Hapa Haole songs and Hawaiian tunes really percolated into their souls.

As adults they met again in hula class on Maui and began to play ukulele on Robyn’s couch. Before long, so much fun was had that a gig was necessary to justify the time squandered to their families. Hence the Hula Honeys.